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This is a fundraiser conducted by Love Thy Neighbor Movement. All raffle profits benefit Love The Neighbor Movement’s Youth Diversion Program.

The raffle provides ticket holders a chance to win one of the three prizes.The raffle is open to individuals aged 18 and over in the U.S. at time of ticket purchase. Void where prohibited. A single raffle ticket is $50, 3-pack for $100. Tickets may be purchased by clicking the link below.

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The LOVE THY NEIGHBOR Board of directors adhere to these fundamental statements:

  • To honor the commitment of philanthropy as established by its founders.

  • To act honestly and with integrity in all our transactions and dealings.

  • To love our neighbor as ourselves.


To inspire, empower and bring value to the community and family's around us.
We are committed to supporting the basic human needs of the less fortunate, while working toward the ultimate goal of stability.

These efforts include the coordination of meals, clothing and temporary shelter by working with other local non-profit charitable organizations and government entities.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of those in our community bylaunching and engaging programming, events, and initiatives that will provide education, resources, tooling and opportunities to the under served members in the community.


LTN has worked alongside many community organizations and your toy and clothes donations to our annual events have benefittedchildren and families at the YWCA (homeless families in San Diego), Dreams For Change, San Diego Dream Center, Es Por Los Niños in Tijuana (organization to help children with Aids), the Los Laureles neighborhood in Tijuana, Colonia Primo Tapia in Rosarito, The Training Center (men's home in Spring Valley Ca), Monarch School (homeless students in San Diego), Stand Up for Kids Shelter, San Ysidro School District, New Jerusalem (Haitian Refugee Shelter), Sonrisa De Angeles Orphanage in Tijuana, Lowrider Community in National City, Emilio Nares Foundation, as well as directly to the Homeless Community on the streets in downtown San Diego, and several private families with financial hardships that would not be able to provide a Christmas for their family.

For 3 years LTN curated the annual art shows for the National City's Chamber of Commerce Tree lighting Ceremony.

In support of the SDPD, we have come alongside the Families In Motion program to share our stories at their youth diversion programs.


The Love Thy Neighbor Movement invites you to participate in our
Monthly Giving campaign.

Now more than ever, your donation can make a difference. Your support can help LTN continue to give voice to a diversity of underrepresented communities.

Your donation will support our year-round programs: Tijuana orphanage and shelter visits, Prison outreaches, homeless outreaches, Annual Peace Event, Annual toy drive event. All programs offer our community in San Diego County and Tijuana an opportunity to get personally involved in these experiences.

The need is greater than ever, with your support, we'll be prepared to meet the needs of our neighbors who will come to us for help. As the demand for LTN increases your contributions are critical. Any gift you help with is a blessing. Please join those that support this life-changing movement by entering your tax-deductible monthly give amount below.

TAX ID# 81-4031767


Here is one story from one of our journey’s south into Tijuana, B.C., Mex., as we ventured down to take some supplies to a large caravan of Hondurans that are stuck in a Tijuana shelter.


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From our humble beginnings, we have been consistent in one thing...the wealth of comfort we bring the less-fortunate.
— Ruben Torres


We have partnered with several organizations (Dreams for Change, YWCA, San Diego Dream Center) to provide help within the growing homeless community in downtown San Diego. Love Thy Neighbor hosts at least 8 homeless outreaches throughout the year. For 3 years we have curated the annual art shows for the National City Chamber of Commerce.



Since our inception we have been dedicated to serving kids and families to the south. We have recently adopted an orphanage named "Sonrisa De Angeles" located in Maclovio Rojas. We will be supporting this orphanage year round with essentials, school, supplies, educational workshops and construction on the building.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR also works towards supporting the growing Haitian refugee community in Tijuana. We continually gather donations for New Jerusalem, a small church turned into a shelter housing from 70-125 refugees at a time.  Feel free to also contact them direct to get involved in helping the Haitian community in Tijuana



LTN President Bo Herroz partners with local churches, faith based organizations, nonprofits, and community leaders to create an impact in Central California. As a native of Modesto's westside, Bo understands the importance of youth diversion in his communty and makes ongoing trips to the Stanislaus Juvenile Hall detention center to share his faith and love. Since 2014, Bo and the LTN crew make frequent visits to Salinas State Prison with the Love Thy Neighbor crew to partake in the annual Relay for Life events as well as the Soledad Inmate Art Shows. 

Bo regularly is a keynote speaker at High Schools and also recently organized an anti-bully assembly at a local school with former bodybuilding Champion Dan Freeman, and WWE / UFC Hall of Famer and MMA Legend Ken Shamrock.

Bo's community efforts include homeless outreaches in various park with local community leaders delivering food, clothing, and toilities to the growing unsheltered community in Modesto. Through our community partner LTN has distributed furniture, shoes, clothing, school supplies, food, medical supplies, and misc items throughout Stanislaus County. Over 4000 toys have been distributed to children in need through LTNs efforts since 2013.